Our mission statement:

To provide high-quality desserts and treats that caters to people with dietary restrictions, yet provide delicious alternatives for everyone in the family.

Since 2017 Sin-able Sweets has been the Premier diatetic bakery not just in Mount Angel (on the Salem/ Portland corridor in NW Oregon) but in the entire country via our shipping options. We strive to provide diatetic dessert and snack options with a quality and selection that rivals “sugar” bakeries. We offer items for diabetics and those looking to just remove refined sugar from their diets. We have a number of low carb items for those on Keto and other lows carb diets as well as some Gluten Free items, and we work hard to add new items to our selection. You will soon find your friends and family with no dietary restrictions wanting your desserts for a change.


Having had gastric bypass in 2004, Dan, the owner of Sin-able Sweets,  found that great tasting, high quality, sugar-free deserts were very hard to find. Having discovered a bakery in Clackamas, Oregon that specialized in these desserts many years ago, he realized that the two were not mutually exclusive. When that bakery closed it’s doors in 2016 he set out to save the recipes for himself and all their other former customers who truly missed these amazing treats. When a location in historic Mt. Angel became available in nearly turn-key condition he jumped at the opportunity to open the doors to all those former customers, as well as new customers in the Salem to Portland outlying areas. Since then, making sure these amazing treats are available for others to enjoy has truly become a labor of love for him.


All of us at Sin-able Sweets look forward to showing everyone what is possible with some high quality ingredients and a lot of work. When you walk in or contact us for the first time, let us know of your dietary restrictions up front and we’ll be able to guide you through our many items to help you focus on what’s best for your situation.

sinnable cinnamon rolls