165 East Charles Street
Mount Angel, OR • 97362

Toll free: 833-SIN-ABLE

Monday - Noon - 5PM
Tuesday - Saturday - 9AM - 5PM
Closed Sunday


As long time customers of Nanette’s bakery, Just Delicious, we have come to love her high quality delicious recipes along with the rest of you. Dan and I have talked about opening a location based on Nanette’s recipes for about 7 years but discovered we didn't want to move away from the Portland area, so we simply enjoyed them. Then we heard Nanette was going to retire and after days of frantic discussions we finally got to sit down and talk with her about this new chapter in our lives. Fast forward to the spring and we signed an agreement to produce her recipes.

While working to secure the rest of the funding and trying to settle on a location to become our bakery we were blessed to have been shown a complete, turn key, bakery in historic Mt. Angel, Oregon. Although this may seem a bit far for some of you in Portland, we’ve found that it’s a short drive from Salem, Beaverton, the Woodburn factory stores, and the great shopping in Wilsonville. This allowed us to get the bakery up and running far ahead of the projected four to six more months and, most important from what we’ve heard from many of you, before the holidays. For all of our mail order customers we’ll be starting our mail orders the week of October 1st. Please understand that we’ll be “ramping up” our mail order operations for a couple weeks so we ask that you be patient with us while we get this important part of our business running smoothly. Our current plan is to start taking phone orders (info below) on Monday, October 2nd, but we will only be able to process a limited number of orders the first few days that we’re starting on shipping. We’ll be working closely with Nanette to get the same flow, and we hope to be up to full speed within 2 weeks. Again, we ask for your understanding during this ‘start up’ period. We will keep everyone updated on when your order has processed and will ship. Again, this will be a temporary ‘learning’ situation.

Initially we’re starting out with a limited menu focusing on what Nanette found to be her best selling items. We’re going to be phasing in other items like pies, cheesecakes, full cakes, and more, as we get settled into our new “home”, so please let us know what you’re looking for.

We will also be adding some of our own recipes and will identify them as new recipes every time we release one. Having had gastric bypass, Dan has been working for years developing a few core desserts that fill the void left when he stopped eating refined sugar. We think everyone will be as pleased with them as we are.

Once again, let me say just how happy we are to not only be starting a new and exciting chapter in our lives, but to truly be able to help out so many others by bringing back these amazing and tasty desserts. Just like all of you we’re looking forward to enjoying them all. Even while we got started baking it was like finding an old friend in the amazing recipes.

We look forward to getting to meet many of you as well as showing everyone the great new ideas we’ll be putting into place like starting a secure online ordering section from our website and working towards a storefront or two in the Portland metro area… and beyond!