How the CDP works:

1)      Decide which CDP you want to pick up from.

2)      Call/email the bakery by 3:00PM the Monday BEFORE the CDP you selected. You can leave a voicemail when the bakery is closed (please make sure to leave your contact information), email reply@sin-ablesweets.com (please include a phone number).

3)      The Wednesday of the CDP, you will receive an email with a reminder of the CDP, where it will be and time, and the vehicle I will be driving.

4)      Show up at the CDP site during the drop off times (typically between 4:00PM and 6:00PM, coming from Mount Angel, I could be a few minutes late and I will notify you if I am by phone and an approximate time, I will get there).

5)      There is a $10 CDP Fee that will be added to the total cost of your items.


That is all! So give a call or email to get your favorite treats closer to where you are!





Lloyd District - At the old Pier One Imports
(1423 Lloyd Center Ave., Portland)


20190730 - CDP for August 2019.jpg