Sin-able Sweets and Diabetes Support Services in Salem are working together so you can get your favorite treats and desserts in Salem! We are just starting this service so for the first few weeks it will be a work in progress. We will keep you informed here, Facebook, and through emails, of any changes and updates along the way.

Some of the process will be the same, some different, from our CDPs in Portland. Your order MUST be in by 12Noon on FRIDAY to be delivered to DSS on the next Tuesday.

1) Either send an email to or give a call to the bakery at 503-994-9249. When you call, please have the following information ready:
A) Let Us Know This is for the CDP in Salem
B) Your name
C) Your Phone Number
D) Your Email Address
E) What you want to order
F) Your Payment Info
2) We will take your order, and confirm your contact and payment information. We will also confirm the day the order will be delivered to Salem.
3) On the day of the CDP, we will send you an email with the total cost of your order and a reminder of the hours you are able to pick up your items from DSS.
4) When you arrive to pick up your boxes from DSS, a DSS representative will have will sign a sheet stating you have received your boxes. Each box will be sealed with the receipt inside the box.

PLEASE NOTE! All orders will be delivered frozen and kept in a special freezer just for Sin-able Sweets CDP orders. You can pick up your items any time after the delivery time (as noted in the email you receive - see Number 3 above).
REMINDER: There is a $10 CDP fee for this service.

Diabetes Support Services is open the following hours:
Monday Through Friday - 9AM until 2PM
Monday, Wednesday and Friday they are also open from 4:30PM until 6:30PM.

Diabetes Support Services is located at:
Villages East Office Park
3886 Beverly Avenue NE
Building I Suite 21
Salem, OR 97305

Phone: 503-585-1335

That is it! Then take your treats home, break into the box and have some of the best desserts you can sink your teeth into!