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Greetings to all our customers. Now that we know the complete situation at the bakery, we are here to give you an update. In case you have not heard what transpired, here is what happened. If you’ve already heard you can skip to “Our recovery plan”:


  1. On Tuesday, January 12th, a storm blew through Oregon and southern Washington over night. In the Mount Angel/Silverton area, there was ONE SINGLE sustained wind gust between 50 and 60 miles an hour that lasted over 3 minutes. I was at home and when I heard the winds, I thought it sounded like a hurricane (I had lived in Florida for 10 years back in the mid ‘90’s to mid ‘00’s) and was ready to close the blinds incase the windows blew in. In the area of the bakery, it caused a long-lasting and wide spread power outage. Between the 2 towns, 14 power poles were blown over like dominoes from the descriptions we have heard. It knocked out power in Mount Angel’s Bavarian District, where Oktoberfest is held, for well over 24 hours. Much of our sellable product was in the freezers, and following Oregon health regulations, none of the baked goods could be kept. We lost over $8,000 in product and supplies! On Saturday, we were in the bakery for 8 hours throwing everything out.
  2. All of our products except German Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Rolls, and some Oatmeal Cookies, are going to have to be completely redone. The only reason those items are available right now is because we have an off-site location with freezers and we had our overflow those items stored there, so that was a good thing.


  1. We are going to be in Thursday to start getting some of the product made. This will include finishing the German Chocolate Cake and to start making the regular cookies (Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate and Peanut Butter). We will also be working on individual items to fulfill the orders that we were not able to fulfill last weekend.
  2. We will work on getting a few flavors of our parfaits out for sale on the weekend. This will be a limited number of varieties and amounts.
  3. We will produce eclairs for pre-orders, and to stock the case as needed.
  4. When the orders that are pending have been filled, we will start working on getting items put in the front of the bakery for sale over the weekend.
    1. There will be a limited selection of flavors and numbers, so please bear with us on this.
    2. The only cake squares will be German Chocolate for right now.
      1. Muffins
      2. Wannabes
      3. Pecan Bars
      4. Haystack Cookies
      5. Keto Sausage Bites
      6. Scones
      7. Brownies
      8. Strudels
      9. Cheesecakes
      10. Specialty Cakes.
      11. All other Cake Squares (other than German Chocolate)
  5. We will be working very hard over the next few weeks to get more items in the front of the bakery. We will be bringing our staff in for extra shifts to accomplish this and we ask your patience as it will take some time to get everything refilled.
  6. If you recall, at the beginning of this year, we said we wanted to start a rotation of new and existing items. This will include items from the recipes we already have, to adding ones that we have developed over the past 3 years and have wanted to try. So, with that you will start noticing the following:
    1. New Items being offered only instore to test their popularity.
    2. Old favorites coming in and out of rotation though the bakery (think of Starbucks and rotating of the drink offerings during the year)
  7. Please help us help you. First, check the website to see if what you want is available. If the entire category is unavailable, on the website, it will say OUT OF STOCK, like this:

  1. For things there is supply of but it is not an induvial item, you will have to click on the picture and choose a flavor to see if it is available or not. Here is an example:



  1. It is possible that something that is out of stock right now and will not come back in stock. We are working on new items to replace these, so please check back on our website and our social media pages.
  2. When we have a good supply of a certain item in stock, it will become available on our website.
  3. For the time being, it will be best to place your order on the website, then when you come in, you can also see what new things are available and you can always add to your pick-up order.

Everyone at Sin-able Sweets is prepared to get us back to a good flow as soon as possible, but just like everyone else we really have to watch our budgets. So, it might take a little longer to get some items back in stock as we balance our sales against our payroll.

And finally, as always, thank you to all our loving and loyal customers. We sincerely appreciate you every day! You’re what make us work as hard as we can to get everything accomplished as quickly as possible.


The Sin-able Sweets Team

Please note this special event change:

This Valentine’s weekend, February 12th – 14th, would have been Volksfest. Because of the restrictions with COVID, the Mt Angel Chamber has modified the format this year, calling it Volksfest in the Village. Here is a link to information on this years Volksfest.


  1. We wanted to drive down & get some sugar free treats for my Birthday this weekend. Are u open?
    What hrs?
    What items?
    It is a considerable drive for us so wanted to pre-order a box of goodies that you’ll have available to ensure that we get them. Thanks. Deb Algadi

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