For shipping, we use United States Postal Service (USPS) Flat Rate Priority Mail to ship our items.  Please contact us at 503-994-9249 or for information on deadlines for ordering for shipping.  We typically ship on Tuesdays, unless otherwise notified by posting on our blog and social media sites.  We charge 2 rates.  For USPS Medium Flat Rate box, $18, and for USPS Large Flat Rate box, $21.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not charge sales tax on any of our orders for shipping. Additionally, we will always package your items in the best manner possible including, at extra charge if needed, Gel Ice packs (required for any shipment including perishable items) and/or Insulation liners. PLEASE NOTE. WE CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SHIPMENT ONCE IT IS DELIVERED TO THE POST OFFICE. ALL SHIPMENTS HAVE $100.00 OF INSURANCE AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL INSURANCE, PLEASE LET US KNOW AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER. ANY ISSUES WITH DELAYS, DAMAGE, OR ANY OTHER PROBLEM MUST BE HANDLED BY YOU, DIRECTLY WITH THE USPS.