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Greetings to all our amazing customers. We want to say first and foremost that we TRULY appreciate each and every one of you, but it’s more than just being customers. We have come to truly love your loyalty and excitement for our concept and products. It is with that in mind that we realize we must make some tough decisions that will allow BOTH of us to progress and continue our amazing relationship. 

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT, WE ARE NOT CLOSING OUR DOORS!!! We will work to remain open as long as it’s safely and legally possible. However, we find that we must make some very radical changes to be able to stay open for all of you. Below is a point by point info sheet on what we’ll be doing, and how your processes will change for the near, and hopefully short, future. 

  • If you come in on Saturday, March 28, 2020, you may see our display shelves looking very bare. This is NOT due to having no product, but for getting ready for our new processes below. 
  • Starting AFTER CLOSE OF BUSINESS on Saturday, March 28, 2020 WE WILL ONLY BE OPEN ON FRIDAY and SATURDAY the following hours:
    • Friday: 10AM to 6PM
    • Saturday: 9AM to 5PM.
  • ALL ORDERS will be PRE-ORDER only and you must have your order in Wednesday at 5PM to pick up that week.
  • ALL ORDERS will be CURB SIDE PICK UP ONLY! We will not be allowing customers into the bakery at this time.
    • We understand that many of our customers, as well as Dan and Ray, fall into the higher risk categories and we need to be sure we do all we can to keep everyone safe. Your safety while being able to get your favorite treats is of the utmost importance to us.
  • When placing your order, we will need the following information:
    • The items you want.
    • If you want those items Frozen, or Refrigerated. 
      • Please note. All items will be kept frozen so please understand if an item may still be slightly frozen based on the packing and pick up times.
    • All orders must be pre-paid with a debit or credit card.
      • If you call in your order, we’ll take the billing info at that time.
      • If you email your order in (via Email, Facebook, or out website), please leave a phone number so we can coordinate with you to get the billing information. Remember, NEVER send your credit card info. over email, or to anyone cold calling you! For this reason we’ll coordinate a way to get the card info from you.
      • We’re working with our amazing web designer to rush our new website (planned for May) This will include a page to send us your order via the website for shipping, CDP, or pick-up.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Eclairs will be made daily per order. They will not be frozen unless you request it at the time of the order. 
  • ALL orders will incur a 25-cent bag charge (up to 3 bags) since we need to not only minimize the number of items coming into the bakery (customer bags), but also, we need to have all the orders packed up for a quick pick up to put in your car.

We’d like to take this time to remind everyone of our other options. We’ll still be doing our SHIPPING and our Centralized Distribution Points, CDP. As a reminder we’ll post the basics of those here, but PLEASE UNDERSTAND ORDERING DEADLINES ARE NOW DIFFERENT! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION SINCE DUE TO OUR NEW STAFFING LEVELS WE’RE NOT ABLE TO MAKE EXCEPTIONS AS WE MAY HAVE HAVE IN THE PAST.

    • Order Deadline – 5PM Thursday for the following week’s shipping.
    • Your order will be packed and kept frozen until Monday.  On Saturday, we will continue our process of notifying you about the shipping. PLEASE NOTE this change: Items will be billed to your card at the time the order is received.
      • We will send you an email with the following information
        • Total Cost
        • Tracking Number
        • Reminder to go to to check the tracking information. 
      • Shipping Charges:
        • We are still doing the same charges as before.
          • $18 for the Medium Priority Box
          • $21 for the Large Priority Box
          • $1 per gel pack (used to keep dairy items as cold as possible)
          • $2 per box for insulated totes (as needed for longer distances and/or orders with many perishable items).
  • CDP’s
    • For both Portland and Salem, you must have your order in by 5PM the Monday before. You can call in your order and provide credit card info at that time, or send us an email.  Please do not send your payment information over email, we will contact you to get the payment information (per above). Your order will be billed at the time you place the order and, again to be clear, there is a $10 charge for this service, in addition to the items ordered and ALL ORDERS WILL BE BILLED AT THE TIME THEY ARE RECEIVED.
    • On Thursday, you will receive an email with the meeting location, and what time I will be there. This will also include what vehicle I will be driving so you can easily spot me. I normally arrive by 4PM (unless running late and I will contact you with an estimated ETA) and I stay until 6PM or when the last order is picked up. You simply stop by the vehicle, grab your items, and go. (FULL details are available on our website under the CDP tab)
  • April Schedule:
    • Portland CDP Schedule:
      • April 8th – Clackamas at Greenhouse Square Shopping Center
      • April 15th – Beaverton at Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center
      • April 23rd – Gresham at Oregon Trail Shopping Center
      • April 30th – Lloyd Center at Safeway on Broadway
    • Salem CDP Schedule:
      • Starting the week of 03/30/2020 we will be doing our Salem CDP delivery weekly on THURSDAY!  We are continuing to work with Diabetes Support Services and you will be able to pick up your treats from there.  PLEASE NOTE! This will continue as long as DSS remains open. We will notify on FB and Email update if anything changes with their hours.


Finally, if for any reason the store has to close (i.e. illness, laws) any non-delivered items (orders that won’t be able to be picked up, or go out to a CDP) will be refunded and you will be notified via a specific email to you, as well as a general email to all of our customers. During this time, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Twitter since we post all updates on those social media sites.

We FULLY understand these are very strange times, and we have to match them with equally strange solutions to stay open for our customers and employees. We SINCERELY appreciate your support, your business, but most of all in this trying situation, YOUR UNDERSTANDING!  

Thank you all,

Dan and Ray.



  1. Good Morning Sin-Able Sweets!!!
    So very excited to find you! I have been doing Keto since Jan. 1st, 2019 and have had to trash every Keto baking attempt on my part and swear to my dear Husband never again. So in a couple of weeks we will order and make the pretty drive to come get some eclairs, couple cookies and what ever else tempts us. So this is just to say “HI” and wishing you all the best through this crazy time.
    Blessings…Cheryl Orre

    • Hello Alaina, we assume you went to the order page on the website.

      After choosing your items, you will go through 2 screens, the cart screen, then the Checkout Details screen. At the top of the checkout detail screen are 2 places choose the date and time of pickup from the bakery. Orders must be in by Wednesday at 5PM for pickup on Friday or Saturday. For example, to pick up this weekend, you would have needed to order by Wednesday, July 22nd. Right now, you are able to schedule a pick up for July 31 and August 1st.

      I hope this helps with any questions.

      Thank you,

      The Sin-able Sweets Team

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